Monday, August 22, 2016

So much new, so much to do!!

Well I am just overwhelmed! And I know, I say that like it’s a new thing, but apparently I just can’t keep up with life, and that’s all there is to it.

You may be aware that I moved in April – both my house and my studio. It was a sad thing to leave the River Arts District – I met so many fascinating and lovely people there. But it was the right thing to do. I now have my studio in my home Studio view 1again, and although that makes it more difficult to show my art to you, I have a lovely, comfortable space for it. The light is good, the space is a loft with a balcony that opens onto the lower level, and it’s wonderfully convenient.Studio view 2






I will have to get some shelves for the glass – the old shelving is too tall for the slanted ceiling!

And now that I am semi-settled into the new studio, I have been busy arranging opportunities for you to see my art:

  • Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy Auction – Saturday, August 27 is the 16th annual Conservation Celebration at Grand Highlands at Bearwallow Mountain Lodge. I have donated a mosaic for the silent auction. As a long time supporter of The Nature Conservancy and other conservation groups, my heart is fully into this opportunity to help them out. See their website for more information about the event.
  • ArtCurious Gallery – Thursday, September 1 will be the Grand Opening of the ArtCurious Gallery in Johnson City, TN. Located on Boones Creek Rd just south of the trestle bridge (the former Boones Creek Pottery Gallery), I am honored to be included in the list of artists showing here. Come to the Grand Opening on September 1 from 5 – 8 pm – I’ll be there!
  • WNC Open Studios Tour – October 1 – 16. This is a brand new event, modeled after the Open Studios Tour in Devon, UK. Its format is different from other open studio events, in that it has a lengthy 16-day event schedule and a wide geographical range of studio locations. (Although the home page of the website says it covers Bumcombe, Polk and Transylvania counties, it is actually larger than that. I am in Madison county, and I understand that at least one artist is in the Spartanburg vicinity.) This is to create a more leisurely, in-depth connection with the artists and to provide an opportunity to discover unfamiliar mountain communities. My studio will be open each Friday, Saturday and Sunday during this time from 10 – 5. See their website for the list of talented artists and to plan your tour!

Although I am struggling to keep up with organizing a new home, a part time job, out-of-town guests and art making, I am finding a bit of time to work on a new piece. This is called Dalliance, in part because it slightly resembles a dahlia, and also because I am toying with this process of making a piece that has no real-life inspiration. I have no photos of flowers similar to this, the shape is not based on any particular flower, and the colors are not very realistic. It reminds me by turns of a dahlia, an impatien, and a rugosa rose.
Whatever. I like it.

Dalliance WIP

P.S. – OMG! I forgot to mention the CMA Summit Exhibition!!!

See? I told you I just can’t keep up.

This is by far the best and most prestigious of the exhibition opportunities. I have been extremely honored two years in a row with a place in this exhibition. I am very unhappy to have to tell you that the organizers have decided that this will be the last of its kind. If you can possibly get to Ashland, OR during the exhibition (September 17 through October 16, 2016) DO IT!! Just look at the list of luminaries who will exhibit there with me, from 8 different countries. I will be sending Tamworth Nocturne.

Tamworth Nocturne

Friday, July 15, 2016

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Wow, I've been gone from here a long time! Life has brought me a lot of things to engulf all my spare time in the last few months, so I have just been waiting, more or less patiently, to come up for air.

Since I last checked in here, I started a part time job (which I love, by the way) and bought a house. There is so much to do to get settled in a new home, especially when you have grand plans for the yard! I started a native stone patio for the back, with stone sourced from our own property. Of course, the mosaic artist in me won't settle for something regular (or even flat!). That will be finished by the fall, at least, hopefully sooner.

In the meantime, I started a new mosaic (pics to come), and will be taking my mosaics to a new gallery next month! (Exciting, huh?!?) The gallery is called ArtCurious, and will be housed in a beautiful old house on Boones Creek Rd in Jonesborough, TN. You may recognize it - it previously housed a gallery of artful pottery near the old trestle bridge. The official opening is September 1, but I'll have more information as the time gets closer.

But that's not all! In October I will be participating in the WNC Open Studios tour. It's modeled after an open studio tour held annually in Devon, UK. The studios will be open between October 1 and October 16, with each studio setting the particular hours they are available. Please visit their website to see the wonderful company I will be in and plan your visit!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy Labor Day!


I’m pretty pleased with how the sky is coming along, although in this photo, the medium blues on the left are washed out by the lamp on that side of the table. I guess I was tired, I didn’t notice that in the photo until I got home.

The sky is taking longer than you might think. A) I have fewer days to spend in the studio now, and B) trying to keep a horizontal aspect to the sky without making it look like lots of straight lines, while also trying to shift colors on the diagonal is requiring a lot of trial and error. Lots of error, in fact.

I think next time I’m in the studio I’ll turn it upside down and go at the sky that way. It should help me disengage enough to make it go faster. Or that’s the theory, anyway!

So now I’m off to enjoy the company of family. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Progress report

I was intent on finishing the tree today, but my back said “nuh-uh”.



IMG_1016_thumb[7]It doesn’t show in the picture, but the part of the tree that is above the line of the mountain is a very deep green stained glass, and below it is black. It might be my imagination, but I got out the magnifying glass and thought I could see a tiny bit of color in the tree tops that had sky as background in this photo:

I don’t know whether or not you’ll be able to see a difference in it once the mountains and sky go in.

And I have to say I think I’m in love. This little owl makes me smile every time I look at it.



Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Well Owl Be Damned

This picture is one my son took while hiking in New Hampshire last week. I had been looking at pictures of sunsets and sunrises for several days while pondering my next mosaic, so this seemed fortuitous. I decided to use it as a basis, although I have several other photos to pull from as well.

After pulling together a composition from those photos, here’s what I ended up with:

The substrate is 13” x 24”. So yes, I’m insane for attempting an owl on that scale.

It’s too soon to tell if it will be ok or not, but I will say that I have just used the smallest piece of glass I have EVER cut. (Beads don’t count!) It’s 5mm x 3mm.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mulberry Wine

My latest piece, Mulberry Wine, is finished.
Mulberry Wine
12” x 12” smalti, stained glass and vitreous on MDF. $850
Because I have missed writing short stories, I thought a good way to get back into it is to write one for each mosaic I finish. If you’d like to read the story I wrote for this one, please visit my writing blog A Modern Dilemma.
I also did a quick little video about using the different colors of grout in mosaic. It seems that YouTube has changed their embed format and Blogger no longer recognizes it, so you can click this link to view it on YouTube -
Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Almost done with…..uh…this thing.

The glass is done on the purple poppy. I can’t believe I don’t have a title for this yet! I usually have a title within a couple days of starting a piece, sometimes before I even begin. I’m open to suggestions if you feel like chiming in.
glass done
Had a studio visit from a lovely couple – they are artists from the NYC area looking to relocate in Asheville. She is an oil painter and he is a mosaic artist, so they came looking for me to connect with!   ~*happy dance*~   They came in and said “we’re looking for the mosaic artist” while waving the RADA Studio Guide. It’s a nice feeling when you get to see proof that your advertising dollars weren’t wasted!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Arts Adventure Saturday!

After reworking several bits of the poppy, I finally finished the flower. I wish I could have had the whole mosaic done by this weekend (you have the Riverview Station Arts Adventure on your calendar, don’t you?) but it’s obviously not happening.
Speaking of the Arts Adventure, I will be in the studio from 11 – 5 (from 10 – 11 I’ll be at the information booth in front of the building) so PLEASE stop in and see me! At 1:00 I will be discussing how to take your mosaics from flat to fabulous – this is an outline of a workshop I’m developing.

In addition to my original mosaics and prints, there is a new addition to the studio: Greg Petropoulos – Paint Misbehavin’. Come see Greg’s atmospheric landscape paintings – works that draw you in and make you want to see what’s down the road or over the hill.

                                 Ewes Lookin’ at Me

His other body of work is paintings of whimsical wordplay –  an “egg”ceptional collection of surrealism.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Unidentified Frying Object
Also, don’t forget to check out my Etsy shop – framed and unframed prints available as well as original mosaics!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A little bit of nothing

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Is it age that’s slowing me down, or is it a realization that all that flurry and fuss for all those years was sort of pointless? I think it’s the latter.
I still occasionally find myself in a flurry and fuss trying to prepare for something, or trying to accomplish something by a deadline (usually my own arbitrary deadline). And then when I come out the other side of it I wonder “wtf was that all about?!?” I will be miserable, exhausted, and feel as if I missed out on the little every day things that make me happy – or even something not so little….like, y’know….. Spring.
Blogging is apparently one of the things that falls by the wayside when life accelerates like that. I used to be able to use my blog to keep track of when I started a mosaic, how long it took to finish, what the challenges were in the process, etc. Not so much over the last few months.
I’m not making any promises, because no one really cares about that but me. But I do hope to get back at it more regularly so I have better records.
At any rate, I’m currently working on a purple/magenta poppy, and hoping to give the
impression that the sun is backlighting the upper part of the petals furthest from the viewer. I don’t know how well this is working – I may need to see some background up against it to determine whether or not it’s a success. If I decide it isn’t, I will probably be impossible to live with for a few days. If you see my husband during that time, please give him a sympathetic look and a word of kindness. Better yet, buy him a beer.

I didn’t work on the poppy mosaic much this last week because my air conditioning in the studio wasn’t working, and having the fans on at high speed dried out the thin set too fast. Instead I decided to get out the watercolors again. It’s been a really long time, and I miss them. This one is tiny – 4” x 5”. I actually drew out the design for another one, of Primrose Carousel foxgloves, and might paint it before going back to the mosaic. I grew those in my garden at Hidden Egg Herb Farm ever so many years ago. They are amazing pale yellow/cream flowers with chocolate brown spots on them. I’d like to try a new technique – pouring the background to get a very dark and  intense background without splotchiness. Or that’s the theory, anyway. We’ll see, eh?

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Livin’ in the Matrix, baby!

This past weekend was the River Arts District Studio Stroll, and Greg and Alex and I spent the whole weekend twiddling our thumbs. My guess is that because the weekend was a whole month earlier than it had been, and because there were so many other things going on (LEAF festival, UNCA graduation, Mother’s Day, and some sort of event downtown that had streets blocked off, although I never found out what it was) – turnout was abysmal.62009578_mtPpj90G

I started a new mosaic while I was there, based on a photo of a plum colored poppy – a scrumptious magenta/purple variety, but I was afraid I would have to make it a different color because that is such a difficult color to find in glass. I have one jar of these



(which are actually darker than they look in this photo) but I can’t make do with a single shade!


I was gifted with 3 boxes full of delicious stained glass by a photographer down the hall yesterday! They had been stored in his basement for god knows how long, so last night I soaked them in soapy water in the bathtub overnight. Today I cleaned and sorted by color, and voila! The Matrix brought me some purple and magenta and pinkyness:

And some big piles of other awesomeness too!

Can’t wait to get to work!


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