Monday, January 19, 2009

I did it! Web site up and running!

Yay! Finally I hope (fingers crossed) that I have fixed the bugs in the web site. At least I have added all the content I was hoping to load for the time being. I now want to find a way to connect this blog to the site, but, baby steps Bob!!! So, with that out of the way (until I get notified of problems to fix by eyes that aren't as tired of looking at it as mine are) I will get back to the art. I'm anxious to finish the mirror so that I can concentrate my full attention on the dragonfly piece. I recently put updated wip (work in progress) pictures on so you can check that out. I am also getting the itch to paint again, as I haven't done anything with that in quite awhile. And for those who would like to check the new web site:


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