Thursday, March 5, 2009

Macro view vs. Micro view

Well, I spent a good deal of time yesterday poring over photos that I have taken over the last 8, almost 9 years in New Hampshire thinking that I would easily find something to interpret in the style of Maxfield Parrish. In fact, I expected to find enough that it would be difficult to choose only one. Well, I learned a little something about myself yesterday. Namely, that I never take landscape/distance photos. Really. Never. I didn't have a single one that had a view of further than about 100 yds, and those were only incidental. While I live in what might be termed the "foothills" of the White Mountains and therefore lack the spectacular views associated with them, I've been there often enough. And the view from the top of the hill we live on gives a magnificent view of lakes and mountains. Never took the camera up there.

I noticed that I had an overwhelming number of close up photos: flowers, bugs, people, cats, dogs, and a whole lot more flowers. Hmm. Then I began to think about my mosaics - again, some really close up images and a geometric or two. The mosaic I'm currently working on is a slightly longer view than has been the norm, but certainly not what I think of when "landscape" is mentioned. Watercolors, same thing. I feel sure this says something about me, but I'm not quite sure what!

Anyway, since I decided that I would have to postpone the Parrish tribute to another day, I thought I should get back to work on the dragonflies. I have become such a product of the 21st century, that when I wanted a reference photo for the pine boughs, I looked on the internet. For cryin' out loud, I have a million evergreen trees in my yard!!! So I took the camera outside and snapped a few reference photos, feeling like an idiot. Apparently though, Sophie doesn't think much of this mosaic. I think we know who owns whom....

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