Thursday, April 23, 2009

Art and Distraction, an uneasy alliance

Oh I had such high hopes for today! I was going to finish gluing the tile on the dragonfly mosaic. It would be pretty much an all day project, but very doable. And did I do it? No. No I did not. I did some, but I was like a kitten distracted by a pretty pink ribbon waving in the breeze today. Everything that moved (and some that didn't) caught my attention, and demanded a response. This idiot box I'm typing on sucked in the lion's share of my time that should have been spent smearing my fingers and clothing with thinset. Well, the fingers and clothing are just a bonus.

So here is a peek at how close I came. Phooey. I should go back and reread What's Taking You So Long? Maybe tomorrow....

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  1. The water is so pretty I could just cry. You're amazing.


  2. Wow, Tiffany - thank you so much! That's quite a compliment!



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