Monday, April 20, 2009

Indy airport redux.....

Well I finally had the chance to examine the Indy airport mosaic by Dixie Friend Gay up close and personal! It is even more impressive in person than in photos, as one might expect. I flew in almost two weeks ago, and my mother and a friend of hers were there to pick me up. I had mentioned to them about the mosaic and how much I would like to see it, so they were on the look out as well. Marcy, my mother's friend, showed me the brochure she had picked up at the information desk listing all the public art, and said she didn't think it was in there. I skimmed it and exclamed "There! That's it!" Marcy said "I saw that, but that can't be a mosaic, can it?"

As you can tell from the photo of the entire mosaic, from a distance, it could easily be mistaken for a painted mural. But as a public service :) I bring you close ups to inspire........

The glare in the center is unfortunate, but we've discussed my inadequate photography skills many times before - you should expect that by now.

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