Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mosaic Art in the Indianapolis airport

I have seen some pictures of the astonishing mosaic that has been installed in the new Indianapolis airport, and since I will be flying in there on Tuesday, I very much hope to see it. I have emailed the artist 3 times asking where exactly to find it (I knew the old airport quite well, but this will be my first visit to the new one), but haven't heard back from her, so I will have to wing it (is that a pun? Almost?) Anyway, I don't see how I can possibly miss it, as it is a honkin' HUGE mosaic covering an entire wall.

Copyright Dixie Friend Gay

I will try to capture some close ups and some with people in it to show scale, and get those posted as soon as possible. My poor family actually thinks I'm coming to see them! ;-)

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  1. No! I didn't see this! It might be in a different terminal. But there is also so much art to see there. See my tweet about the installation above the skywalk to the parking garage/rental car area. VERY cool!



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