Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yesterday was an interesting day. Interesting in a mind numbing sort of way. The day began well, as I attended a workshop in Concord NH offered by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. The workshop offered art marketing ideas and was well attended. Some new ideas, reminders of things we already know, but forget to implement, and of course, the occasional off topic ramble (usually the best part of any discussion!). I met some interesting new people, among them another mosaic artist Lizz Van Saun, and Larry Graykin who is working on launching an intriguing project called ArtSpider for NH. I can't speak to the possible capabilities of the platform, but it sounds like it will be a great way for NH artists to connect with each other, venues, audiences, and businesses that cater to artists. Since I'm only a psuedo techie, don't rely on my description here, check out his FAQs and blog for yourself to see what benefits it will bring.

The evening was spent at a Board of Directors meeting for the League of NH Craftsment in Wolfeboro. Oy. Really. That's about the best description of the situation. Until some information gathering happens and some meetings with the "mothership" occur, I don't feel free to comment much. Just suffice it to say that this is likely to be a source of stress for a couple of months at least.
And now for something completely different...

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