Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brain Vacation, or Busywork *but I like brain vacation better*

In need of a little vacation from the intense brain cramping that is happening with the dragonfly mosaic, I snatched a slate tile out of the garden and started to mosaic it. This tile is 5" square, and was originally painted in acryllic with the Chinese symbol for water (looking for a little sympathetic magic, perhaps). After two summers in full sun, and two winters buried under several feet of snow, the acryllic wasn't holding up well. So it was scrubbed thoroughly, and I covered the symbol with iridescent black tile, and the border with plain black vitreous. The background will be the silver Van Gogh in the top left corner.

And for Lizz, who asked me what Van Gogh glass was, here is a photo of large sheets, the silver and a dark purple. You can also check Delphi Glass here http://www.delphiglass.com/glass/van-gogh-glass/ to see all the amazing color combinations it comes in. (Their photos are better than mine *imagine that!*)

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