Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Surprises of various kinds

I just love it when something you are looking forward to turns out to be even better than expected! That happened to me this morning. I had signed up for a workshop at the New Hampshire State Council for the Arts a couple of months ago. Taking Your Art Online was billed as an introduction to using websites and (*cue the scary music*) social media ~~oh no!~~ to market your art. Since I have a website, a blog, am on Facebook and Twitter, I thought I might pick up a few tips about these things that I didn't know, maybe find easier ways of doing things, etc. But Nancy Clark of Glen Group in North Conway, NH exceeded expectations! She is such a dynamic, likable person that to listen to her talk for 2 hours is a pleasant way to pass the morning anyway. But the fabulous thing about her is that she can EXPLAIN it. And by it, I mean ANYTHING! There were a couple of people at the workshop who spoke up and said "I have been to a couple of presentations about social media, and just didn't get it. But now I see why it might be a good idea, and how to go about it." (And yes, I used quotes, but I'm paraphrasing).

And in other news, I was confronted once again yesterday by my snail like progress when I spent the afternoon working on Garden Divas I (Iris chrysographes) and got no more than this done. Granted, it will move along a lot faster when I move on to the leaves and background because the tiles in those sections will be larger. Nonetheless, I feel a little disheartened. I have two of these to finish before July 1. Hm. Wish me luck!

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  1. I can relate to the snail-like pace sometimes. This past weekend I took Laurel Skye's millefiori class and by Saturday night, knew I wasn't going to finish the class project. I probably could have if that was my priority, but rather I wanted to experiment with a couple different techniques, have some conversations with Laurel about mosaics, and spend time looking at her beautiful work and materials. I also have some tesserae here at home that I wanted to incorporate into the piece. Even though I felt good about my choice, it's still hard not to compare myself to others who got so much more done in a shorter period of time. But just like life, it's not a race. It amazes me how much of mosaics can apply to life in general.

  2. Boy you hit the nail on the head about mosaics applying to life in general! I guess maybe that's true of everything if you stop to take the time to look for the connections. Lucky you, taking a class with the 'Amazing Laurel'! And honestly, I think that the experience and interaction with a teacher like that is more important than the actual project you do in the class. Yes, the project is the 'homework' that reinforces concepts you learn there, but the intangibles you pick up with that interaction influence everything after. Good for you!



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