Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Uh oh...

This 20 Hour Challenge thing has brought one thing home to me, at least: I must be insane. Really there's no other explanation. Why do I work in mosaic? This mosaic is 10" X 20". What you see here represents over 6 hours of work (not even including the design, just the actual glass application). I might have been better off not knowing that. I don't know. (And yes, I know, the photo sucks. That's why I'm not a photographer. Get over it)

And since this little discovery has put me in a mood - what's taking my Dick Blick order so long? They said it was coming priority mail, and even discounting the holiday weekend, it should have been here already. Hrmph. I feel the need to kick a puppy.

Oh but I can't end on that dyspeptic note. So how about this: I'm getting 30 pieces of art for free!!! Well, not free, I have to give 30 pieces of art. Well, let me explain...

suggested on Twitter a mail art exchange. About 30 people (including moi) liked the idea. So here's how it works: each person in the exchange makes an original piece of art on a postcard for everyone else on the list. You must include a real stamp (not a metered stamp) on the card, which might or might not become part of the design. Oh yeah, and the deadline - there's the tough part. Thirty pieces (albeit small and simply designed) by July 1. And finish this mosaic piece and the next in the series by, you guessed it, July 1. Dear Gawd, what have I done?

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  1. I really am sympathetic - even though I laughed out loud several times while reading this post... sorry! You can do this! You can do this! You can do - okay, enough positive reinforcement... get back to the grindstone!
    I have found with the 20 hour challenge that it is really a CHALLENGE to get in 20 hours of painting!!! But being accountable has forced me to stick to it - and because you are sticking to it, you WILL get it all done. :-)

  2. Aw, Joanne, thanks for the pep talk. But.... (there's always a 'but', isn't there?) This would probably be a whole lot easier if I hadn't come down with my 2nd nasty cold this spring. I can only stay upright about 1.5 hrs at a time. Tough to accomplish much in such small increments, but at this point, at least, the postcard work is still all in the brain. I can do it lying down :)



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