Friday, June 26, 2009

And All Will Be Revealed……Sort of

I have kept you in the dark now since posting Mail Art 2009. The postcard project has been classified super secret, strictly “need to know basis” information. Until now. TA DA!

Now, if you are participating in this exchange and have not yet received your postcard, I’m gonna trust you to refrain from following these links. In fact, you’d better quit reading. I know your mother explained to you how disappointed you would be on Christmas morning if you peeked in the closet ahead of time. Apply that lesson to today’s post. Or not. It’s your call.

Ok, first a little backstory. Obviously, I am first and foremost a mosaic artist. I dabble in other mediums, but mosaic in glass is what I love. Sending glass through the mail stuck to a postcard? Not an option. Paintings, like what I commonly would do (fussy, detailed work)? Too time consuming - not an option. How about a large painting that is then cut into postcards? Ah ha! That I can manage. And in a way, it pays homage to mosaic, because the individual pieces, when assembled, are more than the sum of the parts.

So the trick to this, in my mind, was planning the painting so that each individual postcard would make sense visually when separated from the whole piece. And yet, I wanted it to make sense when complete as well. For the most part, I think that was successful, although there were two in particular that I was disappointed in. The resulting painting is entitled Forest Floor. I used 300# Arches hot press watercolor paper (22” X 30”) and painted in acrylic. See the painting in progress here. Prints of the whole painting are available at Imagekind.

One small problem – I needed 32 cards, and this would only produce 25. Hmm. What to do with the remaining 7? I considered making another large painting and cutting it, but I think we discussed my limited attention span once before? Been there, done that. So I reread the post One Mo’ Again and decided to do a series of 7 small paintings. They are on the same 300# Arches hot press paper covered with gold leaf, then painted with acrylic. I liked the single color paint over the gold leaf and the simplicity of the designs. See them all here. Postcards are being added to a Flickr group as they are received by all the artists – to see the whole collection to date, click here.

All the cards were coated with varnish, but it remains to be seen how the cards withstand the mail service. My Postmaster didn’t want to send them without envelopes – I think he was afraid they’d be damaged in transit and I’d come back and fuss at him. I might anyway, just to justify his fretfulness.


  1. Hi, Lee Ann,
    I just wrote a whole long comment and somehow it got lost! Typical of me and technology.

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this post. Your 7 individual cards are beautiful. I treasure my portion of your painting. It arrived in pristine condition, so I guess you can't complain to the PO about mine, anyway!

    Thanks for reminding me of Alyson's newsletter on repetition. I have a bad habit of interupting people when they're repeating themselves or talking about something I think I know already. I've been trying to be more aware and stop myself. So thanks for the reminder.

    I also like that you linked the Flickr to your post. I'll do that the next time I write my blog (if I can figure it out).

  2. You know, Barbara, I have occasionally had comments disappear on me when trying to comment on other people's blogs as well. It's so frustrating, because I don't post a "great job" type comment. If I have something to say, I spent some time on it. I don't understand what's happening to them either.

    And as far as damage - you may be one of the lucky ones to get your card in good shape - from what I've seen on the Flickr link, the Post Office gods have not been kind. Oh well, as I told the Postmaster, that's the risk you take.

  3. Lee Ann,
    Your creative genius was definitely shown in this project! Beautiful work - and wonderful "gifts" for the recipients! What a sense of accomplishment you must have had when it was completed! Yeah for you!!!!

  4. Thanks Joanne - I think "sense of relief" is more apt, although after some distance, I'll probably consider it more "accomplishment" :)



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