Sunday, June 28, 2009

Breakin’ Glass and Takin’ Names

Oh boy, it feels good to be breaking glass again! After taking a month off to work on the mail art, during which I did absolutely no mosaics, I’m SO happy to be back at it! I have made some progress on the first of the Garden Diva series (below), done some planning on the next in the series, and begun to plan another large piece. Not too sure where that one is going, except that I want to use some silver leaf and tempered glass.


So, while I’m thinking of mosaics, let me just take this opportunity to say how jealous I am of those lucky folks who are at the Cutting Edges Exhibit in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Some amazing stuff is being shown there – take a look at the pictures on Flickr:

Oh yeah, and what did you say your name was?

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