Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feels Like Christmas!

I received my first 3 postcards in the mail from the Mail Art project. Beautiful pieces, although, once again I find myself apologizing for my photography. I had planned to scan them, but my scanner decided that today was a good day to go on vacation, so I reached for the old Kodak.




And I find myself puzzling over my next step in my own mail art project. I have finished the first 25 cards, which are all related to each other (not time for the reveal, so I can’t give away too much!). I have 7 more to produce, then mail them all. My dilemma is whether to do a similar thing to make the final 7, or do something entirely different. Hmmm, choices, choices. Couldn’t make the decision today so I went outside and worked in the yard. It felt great since we’ve had so much rain lately and I have been putting it off anyway because of this project.

I think I’ll go to bed and hope to dream up the ideal solution to finish this!

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