Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Skysong Pottery

Sally Cornwell is an amazing artist (operating as Skysong Pottery), and I am the proud owner of several pieces of her pottery. She mimics the wildlife and natural elements found here in New Hampshire with a precision that is almost incomprehensible. She was recently featured in NH Home magazine (congrats, Sally!). Here are some photos of my pieces – just look at these sweet things!

100_2555 100_2569
100_2552 100_2550
100_2561 100_2568

The frog is about 2.5” X 3”, and the little pot at the top is only 1.5” tall! Of course, the frog in the bottom of the coffee cup is even smaller, but I can’t quite measure it.

Isn’t her work fun? And to top it all off, she’s a wonderful person. She and her husband also own and operate a homemade chocolate business in Wolfeboro, NH called Winnipesaukee Chocolates. They have an adorable little shop in town, and my mosaics will be exhibited there during the month of July! And if you’re anywhere near Lake Winnipesaukee this summer (or anytime) be sure to pop in to their shop and get a scrumptious sample of their truffles. I guarantee you won’t leave empty-handed!


  1. Sally has made even a snake look sweet! I know they will be thrilled when your work is on display in their shop... that will be fun to visit as the "artist whose work is in residence" - what with the smell of chocolate everywhere! (to say nothing of the temptation to those who have a weakness for chocolate, but that is definitely not me! Nope! Uh-uh! Well. okay, maybe just one piece!!!)

  2. As Sally is fond of saying, the really good chocolate, especially dark chocolate which they favor, is surprisingly good for you, and not a diet buster! It's so rich that a small amount is actually really satisfying. No one believes that until they try it.



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