Sunday, June 21, 2009

Success and Relief and……tired

So very tired. You know how the relief of a project completed (especially one with some accompanying stress of a deadline) can leave you a little drained? I am sooo there. But I am sooo happy to report that each and every postcard for the mail art program is completed, addressed and ready for it’s trip to the post office tomorrow! I’m not sure about when to post the pics, because I certainly don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone receiving a card, so I’ll have to think that one over.

On a related topic – I received another card in the mail yesterday! This one is from Alaskan artist Diann Haist.


The text may be hard to read, so it goes as follows:

“I want to hold some lady – for my love is far away – and will not come tomorrow – and was not here today”

In silver pen at the bottom reads

Leonard Cohen b. 1934

Beat Poets


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You deserve a wonderful, relaxing break for all the effort you put into this project! I think it is amazing that you completed what others would have deemed impossible. Take it easy this week, and enjoy the sunshine. :-)

  2. Aw, thanks Joanne! Unfortunately, there is no sun to enjoy, as it has been raining for most of the last 3 weeks. I feel as if I'm beginning to mildew. Maybe that's actually why I finished in time - little garden competition for my attention! LOL

    Hope you had a nice trip. Nice to have you back!

  3. Can't wait to receive my #mailart. I'll be checking my P.O. Box daily in anticipation.

    I, too, was exausted after finishing all 32 cards. And am finding it a bit difficult to get back to the matters at hand: my rapidly upcoming solo show that I put on the back burner while working on the cards.

    I really like the way you posted Diann Haist's card. I got one from her that I love. Guess I need to get on the ball and start scanning. I've received 4 postcards so far, if I do them as they come in, it'll be a lot easier to deal with.j

    By the way, I started at the beginning of your blog and read all your posts. Loved them. And your work is so beautiful!

  4. Thanks Barbara! If you read them all you saw that I posted yours as well?

    I'm glad you've enjoyed reading this - I'm having a ball writing it. And thanks so much for the compliment on my work.

  5. Yes, I did see. Thanks for doing that. I had the plexiglass idea in my head, but it does create problems in photographing and scanning. Even if you're good at it, which I'm not at all.



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