Monday, June 1, 2009

A Tentative Beginning

The mail art is underway. I'm terribly nervous about the time frame, but of course, panic will only make it harder. So I breathe deep....and be grateful there's no chocolate in the house.

I have begun to count the hours for the 20 hour challenge beginning on Friday. Since Friday is "show and tell" day, it seems logical to be able to total it up on Thursday night. That gave me a short week last week (especially with the holiday) but I still managed 11.5 hours, so I'm not complaining. Of course, 3 solid days of rain had as much to do with that as self-discipline - it kept me out of the garden :)

And since the mail art project is a big honkin' secret - NO PICS FOR YOU!

But, because we all need a little eye candy - go visit Thistledown Arts for some fantastic watercolors, and today's post of the gorgeous Alberta countryside surrounding the artist!

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