Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Art of Mosaic Mini Salon

The Art of Mosaic 2009 exhibit in Somerville, Massachusetts is staging a “mini salon” for small mosaics made by the exhibitors. We have 100_2638the choice to participate or not, but I think it sounds like a great challenge for me. The guidelines are that we submit a mosaic smaller than 12” X 12”, which must be for sale. So last night I started some planning for a 6” X 11” mosaic to submit. I have laid out several shades of blue vitreous and stained glass, and some textured silver mirror, but have no real idea what to do with them yet.

Working in such a small size is difficult for me. I did a small piece (8” X 10”) a couple of years ago and hated it! I felt that the small size limited my ability to develop the andamento sufficiently (flow of the tile, or direction in which they are laid). That has such a huge effect on the design of a piece. I was thinking “especially when doing representational stuff” but I think it’s probably even more true for abstracts, because the eye doesn’t immediately perceive an identifiable object. Abstracts feel like such a different thing altogether that I don’t believe I want to give it a go on a small piece that I already expect to be a challenge, but we’ll just have to wait and see what develops!

So….next to kick around some design ideas (which, incidentally, is completely backward from the way I usually work – design ideas first, then materials). Another exercise in creativity awaits!


  1. I love the harmony of the pieces you have laid out... I know it will be beautiful when you come up with that design. I UNDERSTAND when you say you find working small difficult - I do too! But I really admire you for challenging yourself! You are a great role model!!! :-)

  2. I'm speechless! I never thought of myself as a role model! Crap! Now I have to straighten up and fly right.

  3. *Snicker* *giggle* *hahahahaha* smile

  4. This will be a fabulous exhibit! Good luck Lee Ann. I can't wait to see your piece. I received my postcard today...Oh my goodness the work is out of this world. Wish I could be there.

  5. Thanks Laura - I'm really looking forward to this exhibit. It's the first one that has been close enough for me to attend, so I really can't wait to meet everyone and see all that great mosaic work in one place!



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