Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Art or Zen or Pure Practicality?

Yesterday was the second day in a row of sunshine and warmth after 6 very wet weeks. The holiday weekend was over and company had gone home, so the plan was to get back in the studio and work on the iris mosaic, but I just couldn’t let the sunshine go to waste. So I weeded the vegetable garden, ripped out the bolted spinach and mustard, and finished the stone steps up the hill.

I started installing the steps before the rains set in after about 2 years of thinking about doing it. Our driveway is quite a ways below the front yard, and the slope between the two was un-navigable for anyone without mountain goat DNA (I might mention here that I probably have some, since I can do it). Anyway, I used the cut and fill method and used stone collected from the yard and garden, and put in steps up from the drive to the front walk. Some of these stones probably weighed far more than I should have been carrying, but there was so much satisfaction in doing it myself, that I really didn’t want help (although my brother-in-law and my son did bring me a few). It started out as a purely practical thing to do – I wanted steps, I’d better build some. But once I started it, it became more of a Zen thing – choosing the proper stone for each spot, carving out the dirt to accept the stone without rocking underfoot. It was a very meditative process. And when it was done and I stepped back to look at it, it was beautiful. The stones compliment the rustic fence at the top of the hill perfectly. Yesterday was definitely not a wasted day!

Here are the most recent postcards I have received in the mail art exchange. The sender of the blank one said that the art is in the damage that the postal machines would cause to the cardstock in transit. Apparently the USPS declined to participate. Whatever.

100_2582 100_2600
100_2602 100_2604
100_2605 100_2606
100_2607 100_2608

If you would like to see all of the postcards that have been received by the participants, check out the Flickr group.

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