Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wild and Crazy Mail Art!


The latest batch of postcards received in the mail art exchange contains some really interesting stuff! This one lists materials as: curtains, pigment, varathane paint. The photo doesn’t do it justice because of the glare from the protective coating. It has a slight ‘windowpane’ texture to it which I presume comes from the curtains (?).


This one feels like it’s mounted on a sheet of aluminum. The image is what I imagine one might see just before passing out from the rufie someone slipped in your drink. Or from the whack on the head the hired thugs in Vegas gave you because you were winning too much. Wow, I really need to get a life.


Cool paper collage mounted on cardboard. Very organic looking. Unfortunately, this is one of the few that seems to have suffered at the hands of the Post Office. Amazing that there weren’t more damaged.


This one is an antique postcard of a plaza in Madrid, with a contemporary photo of the same spot taped to the bottom. The back of the postcard says that is was impossible to get the exact same shot as the postcard, and I will see why when I see the other half, which was sent to an address in France. It’s not an address from this exchange, so I don’t quite know how I’m supposed to get a peek at that, but, it’s a cool concept.


This one says on the back that it’s from a series exploring how math (geometry, patterns, etc) informs and underlies our ideas regarding physical beauty and by extension, fashion.


This base of this one, I believe, is very thin wood. There are three layers of print on top, one of which is a linocut featuring the moustaches of Einstein, Gandhi and Shakespeare. Bet you don’t have a collection like that!


I hope I’m reading the handwriting on the back of this one correctly. I think it says it’s from a series entitled “Hello – Kusai” Not a great picture, again because of a bit of glare from the protective coating.

This has been such fun, and the stuff I have received in the mail has been so incredibly creative that I think there will be inspiration there to draw on for a long time to come. Again, I encourage you to check the Flickr group for a peek at the entire collection.

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