Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Rule Wednesday


My sweet friend and co-worker Karen and I used to call Wednesdays “new rule Wednesday” because it always seemed that if there was going to be a day at work when something came up that we didn’t already have a protocol to address, it would be a Wednesday. Therefore, we would gleefully make up a new “rule” to deal with it. Of course, sometimes new “rules” weren’t really needed, but it empowered us to make a new one anyway. Consider today a part of the latter category!

I have decided that on the first Monday of each month I will profile an artist whose work I enjoy. While this will be somewhat biographical, I plan to have each artist choose one particular piece of their work to discuss. I think sometimes you can learn more about an artist by listening to their perceptions of their work, than by asking them to talk about themselves. I hope you will all enjoy this feature, and if you have anyone you’d like to recommend, by all means leave a comment or email me directly at

And for those of you who have already heard from me about my gallery acceptance through Facebook or Twitter, my apologies. My mosaics have been accepted into the Kalled Gallery in Wolfeboro, NH! This gallery was named Editor's Pick in Yankee Magazine's New England Guide as one of the top attractions in New Hampshire. I currently have 3 pieces there, and encourage anyone local enough to visit to go to the gallery, especially if you haven’t seen it before. I love this gallery, and have been visiting it frequently since we moved here 9 years ago. It’s full of vivid color and sparkle, and fantastically nice people! If it’s too far, do be sure to take a peek at the website.

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  1. WHOOT!!!!! Congratulations LeeAnn!!!!! I am so happy for your acceptance into this prestigious gallery! WAY TO GO, GIRL! :-)



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