Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tiny progress on a tiny project


This is the progress on the mini mosaic for the Art of Mosaic exhibit. It is a painfully slow project for two reasons: first because I am cutting the tiles so small that each one requires at least two cuts to get it to size, and second because the dark clouds needed to go in first, and work the background sky around them. Once I get above the upper cloud, it will be faster going, I think.


And to give an idea of the scale:


  1. Oh LeeAnn,
    It is going to be absolutely beautiful - and sooo worth all the effort. I wonder if smaller is actually more difficult in every medium? How many more hours approximately will it take you to complete this little gem?

  2. Oh thanks! I don't know really how much longer to expect because I'm one of those people who flit back and forth between a project and the computer (and the laundry, and the whatever...) so I can't even tell you how many hours are already in it. I did estimate recently that each square foot of mosaic work usually requires a month to complete. This is slightly less than 1/2 sq. ft. so two weeks should cover it.



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