Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Art

I love BIG art. Maybe because I had started my visual art journey with small paintings (so I wouldn’t be wasting so much if I hated it), or maybe because my perspective skills are minimal, and would therefore be magnified on a large project. At any rate, I am always rendered speechless by beauties that cover large surfaces. Wall murals, mosaic floors, huge sculptures, and especially large canvases. I mentioned the enormous wall mosaic at the new Indianapolis International Airport previously, but if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely go back and take a look here and here.

Today I bring you a large painting on canvas that took my breath away. It is by Jen Phillips, whose paintings have a soul and a life of their own.

FINAL Discover Myself Along the Way Discovering Myself Along The Way
48” X 60”
copyright Jen Phillips

Check out her blog to see her progress on this, from the challenge of getting a canvas this size up the stairs and into her studio, to showing it at an art fair on “one of those days”. She’s a charming person as well as a talented painter. You can follow her on Twitter @JenPhillipsArt.

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