Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dealing with a headstrong project

Somehow this Oak and Acanthus project just didn’t want to be created in glass. I put vitreous glass up next to it, stained glass, Van Gogh glass, recycled glass….it snubbed them all. What’s a girl to do? I have no choice when the project rebels except to go along. So….having ALWAYS wanted to do a piece in marble…I asked it if marble would do, and it said “very nicely, thank you”.

The Wedi is prepped and drying (with a skim coat of thinset) and the marble is on it’s way. Let’s see if you can picture it…100_2736

First a reminder of the sketch - (hard to see, I know, but remember my photography disability? Don’t tease!)

And then the marble (from Mosaic Rocks and Mosaic Art Supply – awesome selections, check them out!):

STGoldTravertine-lg VegGreen-lg STYellowCream-lg

marble_mosaic_tile_pcock p_marble_mosaic_tile_black

Now let’s throw in a little ball chain:


I hear you. You want to know what on earth I’m going to do with ball chain. Now where’s the fun in that? You’ll just have to stay tuned to this same Bat Channel, same Bat Time…..


  1. Yowsers, Batman! This one is gonna look awesome! I can see it in my mind now! Let's crawl into our Batmobile and head on down to NH to check this girl out! :-)

  2. Now, don't get me wrong, I think this is going to look great in marble, but it sounds to me like this project needs a quick smack in the face. Once you go soft on your projects, they'll start walking all over you.



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