Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Over the Hills and Far Away


Over the Hills and Far Away is the title of this piece, completed for the Art of Mosaic 2009 Mini Salon at the Somerville Museum, Somerville, MA. It is 11" X 6 ". The moon is slightly smaller than a dime, and three of the four stars are 1/8" diameter, one star is 3/16". The stars were cut from textured silver mirror and ground down to that size with a glass grinder. How did I hold on to them? I have no idea. But I think I have no more fingerprints and might have to revisit the notion of a life of crime. The funniest thing is that while working on those miniscule pieces, I was reminded of a fever dream I had when I was 6. I was trying to make doll clothes, but the doll clothes kept getting smaller and smaller until my fingers felt like huge sausages in comparison, and I couldn’t hold on to them anymore. Good times…..

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