Friday, September 25, 2009

And the fun begins!

There’s is just something about starting a new project. And by starting, I really mean starting the actual application of glass. I don’t know why I never think to include the research and design time as part of the “start”, but to me, I haven’t really started something until I’ve glued some glass to something! I should work on that thought process, because I tend to forget to include the time I’ve spent on research and design when asked how long a piece took to produce. But tomorrow – the fun begins!

So for a little refresher, here’s the first watercolor sketch I did for The Dream of the Dragonfly

100_2816 as you can see, I didn’t actually finish the sketch, I was just establishing colors and relationships. I did another watercolor sketch that I actually finished to send to the client, but I changed the mountains in the background and didn’t like them as much (why do I do these things?!?) So use your imagination and fill in the details on this one.

And….here’s the smalti that arrived while I was out of town!

for the mountains and the lake
for the sky100_2835
for the dragonfly
sample board *drool*100_2832

Now, of course, I have to explain the photographic problems I had. Confused I can’t explain why, but the color in the photo of the blue and silver tiles is pretty accurate and the others turned out way too yellow. Exact same lighting, time of day, but whatever….. The tiles that are overly reflective in the picture on the lower left are green gold smalti. They will make up the body and veins in the wings. The rest of the wings are transparent smalti, and honestly, photos won’t do them justice anyway. I have never seen a photo taken by anyone that really captures the clarity of them. (LOL - Come to think of it, they almost remind me of Jolly Rancher candies!)

It’s really early, but the sooner I go to bed, the sooner I can get up and get started! (Is there an art-related equivalent to “nerd”?)

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