Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Brooklyn Museum’s body parts


The Brooklyn Museum will be presenting a special exhibition of thirty-five representations of individual body parts from the Brooklyn Museum’s ancient Egyptian collection. The exhibit will run from November 19, 2009 to October 2, 2011.

The concept intrigues me. Such fragmentation may have had a significance in Ancient Egypt that we 150px-Wedjat_(Udjat)_Eye_of_Horus_pendantcan’t fully comprehend today. Hieroglyphics sometimes represented a body part, for example an eye, a foot, or an arm and hand. Amulets were made of the Eye of Horus which supposedly conferred protection and power to the wearer. Furthermore, when a dynasty was toppled, statues could often be defaced in order to obscure the subject, rather than removed entirely.

This exhibit is comprised of both items which were made as individual body parts, and items which are fragments of larger pieces. If you have any interest in the art of Ancient Egypt, be sure to get there – the long run of the exhibit makes it a must see!

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