Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Daily Sketches – a new torture device

Sketching on a regular basis is obviously critical to developing (and maintaining) one’s art skills. I don’t do it. Well, duh…..have you seen my artwork? So because I care enough to send the very best (damn you Hallmark!) work to improve my skills, I am committing to a daily sketch. Some days the sketch will be somewhat detailed, other days just a quick, minimalist sort of thing. I think both styles could be helpful, and besides, some days I’ll only have the patience for a quick little ditty.
So I’ll post the ones I like well enough to show you ;-) Here is yesterday’s effort:
The light source on this is different than in the photo at right – it came from a lamp at the back of the carving.
A carving my daughter brought back from Kenya last fall – the light source from the camera flash overpowered the lamp – I wasn’t thinking when I took this…..
One other that I will post here is from late winter/early spring (?) just as an example of the quick, minimalist type sketch:
My foot in a ribbed sock – fascinating subject matter, I know, but I was too lazy to get up and find something interesting to draw. It’s just practice, guys! Sheesh!


  1. Okay... I want to know how you twisted an contorted yourself around to get that point of view of your own foot! Wait - I get it - maybe you were in front of a mirror. I love the idea of sketching every day... might have to follow your inspirational lead, my friend!

  2. Ha ha ha - I was sitting in my husband's recliner - drawing is HARD WORK, y'all!



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