Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dragonfly redux

I have been commissioned to make another dragonfly mosaic, this one smaller, and “fun, airy and light”. This leaves me wondering how much whimsy I could/should use. I did some preliminary sketches last night, but haven’t quite settled on a style for it. The client has requested smalti, which I tend to think of as more formal. I will need to break out of that mindset so that it doesn’t turn out stuffy. Below are some photos I pulled from Google images to inspire me. (These are of course, other people’s copyrighted designs, they are just for inspiration.) I’m loving the colors, but I think I’ll want more realism in my piece, so we’ll see where this runs.
2331460-4-dragonfly-towards-the-light-2 bob_ichter-Dragonfly_15x15-08-245
M716 MF_Dragon_Fly_King2_THM
ist2_5651838-dragonfly dragonfly-large
As I was looking at these pictures, I was thinking that they seemed dreamlike, and I found myself wondering what dragonflies dream about? I think that will be the idea behind the piece. What do you think?

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