Thursday, September 10, 2009

What is “Mosaic”?

I have seen several very interesting discussions of this question in a couple of different forums. Generally, the consensus seemed to be that the only requirement that could be agreed upon was that pieces of something be stuck to something else. Not much of a definition. However, I think by keeping it that loose, we (mosaic artists) see many things in a different light. Case in point: an article I found about the kick off of the fall season in Chelsea. The photo below is of a piece by Maya Lin (Washington D.C. Vietnam Vet Memorial designer). It is made of 2X4s. Are they stuck to something? I can’t tell for sure, but I suspect they are. If so, it fits our basic description as a mosaic.add_LIN_inst_2009_v01

The surface of this piece reminds me of a 3D smalti work. It is amazingly fluid.

So what are your thoughts? Does this qualify as mosaic?


  1. Now, I may not be much of an artist, and while I find the above picture interesting, that to me looks like a sculpture.

    So maybe there's an in-between genre? Maybe mosaic sculpture? For 3-D objects made of smaller pieces?

  2. Ok - I can certainly see how that fits as "sculpture" However, take a look at this and tell me if this is mosaic?

    If so, the what is the difference?

  3. Oh, a very similar thing at the Heaven and Earth exhibition by Richard Long at the Tate Modern in London. Guess you'll see if you google? A huge room full of rock formations beautifully placed. Not stuck. I loved it.



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