Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wrapping up the orphan


The glass is done on Garden Diva, getting ready to grout it. The flowers will be grouted in charcoal colored grout, and they will be done tonight. The lighter shades of grout will be done tomorrow. I’m still amazed at what a little mind game can do for you – if you’ll remember, I couldn’t seem to get this finished when I considered it the first in a series. When I decided to orphan it – voila!

The next project is the commission of a dragonfly. Several sketches have been done, but a final design hasn’t been settled. I expect to have that wrapped up by Friday, then I’ll order the tile and get started! Maybe while I’m waiting on the tile delivery I’ll play around with the Yupo watercolor paper that came in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Fun fun fun!


  1. Lee Ann,

    I had no idea of all the work that goes into a mosaic piece of art - but with reading your blog, I have finally begun to understand the process... and WOW! it is labor intensive!!!!!

    This piece is stunning - really beautiful beyond words. So glad you found a way to finish it!

    Let me know how you like the YUPO paper - I have been curious about it for a year now, and held myself back from ordering some. :-) Depending on what you think, I may have to "give in" to my deep desire to have fun!!! :-)

  2. Thanks for the comment about the piece - it is really labor intensive. I have days (more than I like to admit) when I question my sanity! And I'll be sure to keep you posted on the YUPO!



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