Thursday, October 29, 2009


I LOVE Halloween! When I was a kid, it was my favorite holiday. Forget Christmas….I got socks, dolls, stuff I generally wasn’t all that interested in. But HALLOWEEN? Yeah, baby. Can you say sugar coma? I went trick-or-treating with a pillowcase! No tiny plastic pumpkins for me! And an elderly neighbor lady used to make fresh caramel popcorn balls for us. She would only pass them out after we came inside and admired her collection of dolls in glass cases. Well, hey, the best treat and the best scare all in one stop – beat that!

But aside from the candy haul, I always loved the macabre. I can’t explain it, but things that are intended to frighten have always drawn me in. I think it was in part because some of the images were ridiculous to the rational mind, and so I never understood their power to frighten. I loved the old scary movies – anything with Vincent Price or Frank Langella. Vampires, swamp things, giant ants, walking mummies and skeletons – they were fascinating because they were impossible. As an adult, I began to understand the symbolic and archetypal aspects of the macabre, and appreciate it all on a whole new level.

So in honor of all that Halloween is…… a little video compilation:

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