Monday, October 19, 2009

The Dream of the Dragonfly





The Dream of the Dragonfly

16”h X 9”w
Italian smalti (including transparent, green gold and white gold)

This is the completed commission.  The client requested a dragonfly, and something fun.  I began looking up some reference works of dragonflies, and noticed that most of the ones the I would classify as “fun” were sort of dreamy – at least the background treatment seemed otherworldly.  I then began to wonder what dragonflies dream about.  My husband thought they probably dream about showing up at the pond in their underwear.  Even if that’s true, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what dragonfly underwear would look like. 

I prefer to think that they dream about flying very high, near the mountain tops, with the silver of a lake at dusk below. 


  1. BEEE-UUUU-TIII-FULLLL!!!!! Congratulations on finishing the commission. I am positive the recipient will LOVE this one!

  2. Beautiful piece! I love it! :)

  3. Nice work Lee Ann! Can't get the picture of dragonfly in underpants out of my head! Concetta

  4. LOL I KNOW! That dragonfly in underwear image has been stuck in my brain for weeks now. Arghhhh! But thanks to everyone for your nice comments.



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