Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poppies and Willow

I’ll give you a peek at what’s coming next, if you promise not to make fun of the smeary pencil marks that won’t come off the primed MDF. I drew a loose pencil sketch of what I wanted on the board, then went over it in permanent marker and adjusted some things as I went. Of course I wanted to take a picture of it, so I tried to erase the pencil marks off the areas that were adjusted. Ummmm, for future reference, they won’t come off primed MDF. You can certainly smear them to the point where you don’t know quite where they were originally, but – that graphite ain’t goin’ nowhere!
000_0185The design is adapted from a William Morris wallpaper design from 1873.
Oh, one thing I should mention: if you are drawing out a design for a mosaic and are planning to use a white or light colored grout (and of course you always plan all that stuff out, right?) Winking don’t use permanent marker. It will very likely show through the grout in places after you’re done. This will be grouted in charcoal, so I’m not worried about show through. 000_0179
And the marble piece, Oak and Acanthus, is coming along faster than it seems most of my projects do. Can’t explain it, but I’m grateful to be working a little faster. I get frustrated with being so slow, because I get some great ideas, and if I have to wait to long to start them, I’ll lose enthusiasm for them. Game over - they’ll never get made. In fact, I have one piece that I made a drawing for (just on paper, not on the substrate), and now I’m finding my interest waning. Uh oh. I’d look for a support group for my apparent ADHD but I can’t stay focused long enough.

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