Monday, October 26, 2009

Was I on vacation?

Jeez-O-Pete!  Where have I been?  You’d think I might have gone on vacation, but I’m pretty sure I never even left the house this week except to run errands.  Huh.  Missing time again, eh?  Seems to be a regular occurrence.  I think about once every 3 or 4 months I get internet overload and just wink out for a bit.  I feel better now, thanks.
And so what have we been up to this week, boys and girls?  Have you done any adventurous art?  Have you stretched yourself beyond what you are comfortable doing?  Is there something you have made this week that you have the nerve to dislike?  I can happily say Yes!  I have been working on an acrylic painting.  Acrylics are relatively new to me.  I am not comfortable with the paint itself.  It dries much too quickly to suit me (which is a little odd, since I come from a background of watercolor painting and have yet to try my hand at oils).   But with watercolors, they can be blended even after they are dry by adding more water.  Not so effective with acrylics.  I was planning to share with you the progress on it so far, but I’ve changed my mind.  I will wait until at least the next painting session to see whether it will turn out acceptable or whether it will be a learning experience that ends up in a closet.  100_2936
Meanwhile, I have started the marble on the Oak and Acanthus mosaic.   Not much to look at yet, but here you go, such as it is… 

And after a hike through the woods with my husband and camera, I have a couple of photos that I really think I’d like to do something with, although I’m not sure just what.  Take a peek:
Reflections of trees in the moving water of a brook
100_3064 Leaves under water
Trees reflected in the still water behind a beaver dam
Hemlock and beech

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  1. Nice photos! I especially like the reflective one of trees.

    One way you can extend the drying time of acrylics is to add a "retarder" to your paint. It gives you a longer time to blend. (It also has its downside thought - experimentation is good.)

    Glad you feel recharged after your disappearance from the internet...



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