Friday, November 13, 2009

Art Every Day – Day 13 (sort of)

Yes, I have taken a couple of days off. I needed it. In fact, today was almost a day off from my life – I slept like a baby last night until quite late, then spent the day wandering around: went to the mall, briefly visited a friend, met up with my youngest son, came home and watched Top Gear. But last night I hosted a Life Drawing class for some friends – so I haven’t been a total indigent. We have just started this evening group (there has been a morning group meeting for quite some time) and it’s a great thing for me. I need drawing practice, and this is a wonderful, low-pressure, no-judgment group. Each person takes a turn posing for the group, and everyone else talks and laughs (sometimes at their mistakes) and gets a little better with each attempt. Last night I had one small moment when I thought I would make a drawing that I was actually proud of, and then DJ said her hand was falling asleep and had to move! I would put a picture of the drawing up here, but the pencil marks were so light I couldn’t photograph them adequately. So you will have to take my word for it – because I would never lie to you. Really.

In other news, I was notified today that my latest mosaic, Oak andAcanthus, was accepted into the exhibition at Maplestone Gallery. Maplestone is a new gallery in Creemore, Ontario, Canada that is devoted to mosaics. The grand opening is December 12, 2009. I’m honored to be juried into their grand opening exhibit!

And tomorrow my husband and I will deliver the commission mosaic Dream of the Dragonfly to its new owner in Burlington, VT and visit some of my husband’s cousins. The last few times we have seen his cousins has been at a funeral, and it will be really refreshing to visit with them without that sadness hanging around the corners of the room.

Sorry I have no pics today, but if you’re really, really good this weekend, maybe I’ll put something up on Monday :)

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