Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Art Every Day – Day 4

I’m a risk taker. No mosaic work at all today. Frankly, I think I needed a break anyway. But today we’re celebrating my youngest son’s birthday, and my contribution to AEDM today is a cake. Not a fancy cake, but one from the heart. (*Corny*)!!!!

Ben turns 20 tomorrow. He was such an easy child when he was young (it didn’t last long) but he has become an amazing person. He’s very easy to be around again. He has his own apartment and I miss having him here. But I usually get to spend every Wednesday with him, since that’s his day off (and I own the washer and dryer) Sarcastic


Happy Birthday Ben!


  1. That is a great way to be creative...doing something special for family. I have a 20 year old son also but he is 150 miles away with his own apartment and his own washer and dryer! I do get to talk to him often though.

  2. Hi Susie! I am grateful to have him so close. I'm glad you stay in touch with him though. My brother in law kinda went MIA when he was this age. My poor mother in law nearly lost her mind.

  3. What a wonderful feeling it is to have a son with whom you enjoy spending time! Happy Birthday to Ben, and congratulations to you, Lee Ann, for raising a fine son!



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