Friday, November 6, 2009

Art Every Day – Day 6

So last night after I posted a picture and ate half a carrot cake dinner, I went back to work on the gold travertine. My goal was to finish the gold last night, but I realized at one point that I would be better served to fill in some of the black around the lower acanthus leaf instead. I have no idea why. It seemed like a marvelous idea at the time. Of course today’s commitments took a little longer than expected, so it was 4:00 before I even got started today. I have now finished the gold travertine and it’s time to start dinner. I’ll come back to it again tonight and get some more of the black done, then tomorrow finish the black. Big Grin


See you tomorrow!


  1. Your piece is gorgeous! I love mosaic. Two of my friends and I did mosiac stepping stones this summer. I loved mine but my friend wanted to keep it in her garden. The grouting is harder than it might seem.

  2. Thank you Sherrie! It's not so much hard, as messy and time consuming. But it sounds simple, doesn't it? LOL

  3. This is just lovely. I really love mosaic. Someday I may even give it a try. Until then I'll just enjoy mosaic artists, such as yourself.

  4. So cool. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I'm discovering so much more that I want to try.

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Sharon, Debra and Rachel :)



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