Saturday, November 7, 2009

Art Every Day – Day 7



I’m on schedule! Marble is done, now to do the pre-grout sealer, let it dry overnight, then grout tomorrow. There have been no major roadblocks yet – one minor one. Yesterday I stopped at Home Depot to pick up the proper sealer for the marble. (Grout can stain marble if you don’t seal it first) I wanted the type that enhances and slightly darkens the stone. I was pretty sure I knew which one I wanted, but the packaging has changed since I last considered buying it, so I was dithering. An employee came over and tried to help (bless his heart) but he didn’t know any more than I did. He then called over someone else, who then argued me out of the one I thought I wanted. She insisted that I buy a different one (which was WAY more expensive, by the way), so I caved. Guess what? I tested it this morning, and it is NOT the one I wanted. So I have to return that tonight – but no biggie. This is the kind of set back I can handle!

Beer me. I deserve it. :)


  1. Looks wonderful. So, complicated looking to me. I'm in awe.

  2. Woohoo! Congrats! Beautiful work.

  3. I have loved following your work for AEDM. Here is an award for you!

  4. WAHOO!!!! You are an inspiration to all of us who also need to ensure we do our art every day! It looks amazing!



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