Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Art Every Day – Day 3

Honestly, when I look back at the picture I took yesterday and consider that today I spent most of 7 hours on this, with only short occassional breaks to stretch my back, I get a little depressed. *Sigh*


Not sure how much I will do tomorrow ~ certainly not 7 hours. Tomorrow I’m making a birthday dinner for my youngest son (who turns 20 on Thursday!!!). But it’s probably a good thing that I won’t have that much time to spend on it – I would feel obligated to keep at it, and I might end up throwing it out the window.

See you tomorrow!



  1. Hope you can hang in, its so beautiful. You made huge progress. Nothing about mosaic is quick, that's for sure. Glad you have the patience so we can all enjoy your work :)

  2. Thanks Christine - it certainly helps to have a little "pep talk" :) I often get frustrated by how long it takes, but I don't usually have a deadline (self-imposed or otherwise).

    I'll hang in there, I just hope I can get it done in time for the exhibition deadline.

  3. It's lovely so far - don't be discouraged. You're doing a terrific job! nancy

  4. I like this design! Mosaic is such a wonderful art form! Good luck.

  5. Nice progress! Woohoo...I'm coming back to see your work!



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