Monday, November 16, 2009

Design for a new mosaic - December


I don’t think I posted about this before - it was done about a month ago (maybe two?) but I don’t see that I have shown it to you. This is a drawing for another mosaic – a winter scene inspired by the theme of Ciel Gallery’s current exhibit “Winter Whites”. I have some white polymer clay tiles that I experimented with quite some time ago. Using a pasta roller for the clay, I rolled some silver leaf on top of the clay, and the result reminded me of the type of striations you see on birch bark. So a little research into some winter scenes with a creek and some trees for inspiration turned up the following pics:

31-5-LittleMuddyCreekSnow190 crystalsnowcreek


SilverBirchesalongtheRiver 07anglesey_abbey_autumn_039_mid

Also, I received most of the glass I ordered for the Poppies and Willow, but one of the stained glass sheets I ordered is on backorder. So, my dilemma, which really sounds so very minor when I write it down, is whether to wait on it. I would like to start that one with the flowers, and of course, that’s the glass I have to wait for. Maybe I’ll end up working on two at once – something I have never done before. I often have other things in the works (for example, the painting I still haven’t finished!) but mosaics take up a lot of space in the studio. Eh…….I don’t know what to do. 100_2934

Duh…I should finish the painting.


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