Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Now what do I do for Art Every Day?

I haven’t posted any pics for a couple of days, but that’s not becuase I haven’t been working on this! It’s only because I worked on it until I couldn’t see straight to type. Now I’m fighting the urge to take a nap. I have been so high strung over my deadlines on finishing this piece, that I could just collapse in a heap. As of about an hour ago, the piece was finished, photographed and submitted. Ahhhhh……

Petropoulos.OakandAcanthus Petropoulos.oakdetail2
detail of upper right
detail of lower left
detail of ball chain

The ball chain is the stuff you buy at the hardward store to replace the pull chain on your ceiling fan. I don’t know why I think that’s so cool – I guess because it’s so pedestrian an item, and a marble mosaic makes me think of Roman baths or patrician homes in Pompeii.

Honestly? I liked it better before I grouted it. The white veins in the black marble seemed really interesting before being grouted. Now it looks to me like I dribbled the lighter colored grout in the middle of the black. Bummer. But this being the first piece I’ve done in marble, I learned a lot from it. I really love working with it. I love the feel of it, and because I used the thin tiles available from Mosaic Rocks, it cuts well (although the green could be a little unpredictable). God forbid you try to cut the thicker stuff (some of which I got from Mosaic Art Supply) without a hammer and hardie at your disposal! Oy….


  1. I think your mosaic is stunning! And I like the addition of the chain. I tried a little bit of mosaic, only enough to know that it's not my thing. But I really admire someone else's work well done, like yours.

  2. The detail in this piece is amazing! I am so proud of you for persevering and finishing in the timeline! Yeah you! Now go have a celebratory day!

  3. Thanks to everyone for your support and kind words over the last few days! I've had a little trouble keeping up with the comments here because of rushing to finish this, but now I can slow down just a bit. And Joanne, as far as celebrating today, does cleaning a badly neglected house count? I doubt it...

  4. Nope - cleaning doesn't count, but the glass of wine (or whine!) afterward does!!! :-)

  5. Joanne - I can proudly say I had both the wine and whine - all bases covered!!!



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