Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On a roll or in a rut?

I guess there’s a fine line between following a theme and being stuck in a rut. Odd that I should even contemplate that, being endowed with such a short attention span, but I wonder which it is nonetheless. Having completed the winter scene yesterday and revisited the photos of the bare tree postcards I sent last June, I was inspired to go ahead and get on the oil painting versions of the gold leaf postcards today. I have scumbled a very thin layer of burnt umber over the whole things, then added the basics of the trees in a mixture of burnt sienna and burnt umber. I will add a bit more detail and correct a couple of small things I don’t like, but to overwork them would make them lose their starkness, which is much of what I like about them. They’ll probably sit awhile before I come back to them, because the backordered glass for Poppies and Willow came today (only 2 days behind the rest of the order! Go Delphi!)

100_3132These canvases are 6” square, by the way. I will eventually frame them in simple black wood frames and hang one above the other on the wall. Which one should go on top?


  1. I love you post title, it has sort of been that kind of day for me also. Hang in there. I like the trees.

  2. Your work is wonderful! I suppose whether it be a theme or a rut...whatever you call it, as long as you still want to do it - it's cool!

  3. Thanks guys. And Linda, you make a great point ~~ if it makes me happy ~~ so what? :)

  4. I vote for "Not a rut!" Perhaps you have lots more expressive mental mining to do with those trees! Very cool!



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