Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What?!? 3 weeks ahead of a deadline?!?

Ok….if you’re a member of the Great Bay Art Association, avert your eyes – quick!

Today I painted a mini watercolor for the exchange we’re having at the December meeting. I would hate to spoil the surprise, although knowing me, there’s a good chance I’ll end up doing something else anyway. It is 3 whole weeks away, after all! I just wanted to know I had something to share without being up against another deadline. This deadline thing is cramping my style.


Another crappy photo, which doesn’t pick up the colors well. Ugh. Whatever.

This is Midwinter Sunrise, 3”h X 4.5”w watercolor on Arches 140# hot press paper.

I really like photos and paintings of bare trees against a beautiful sky. Which is weird, since I don’t like winter. I have already planned to do a couple of bare trees on canvas board covered with gold leaf. In the mail art exchange I participated in last June, I did a series of bare tree paintings on top of gold leaf, but they were acrylic on paper. I wasn’t especially pleased with the way the acrylic seemed to “float” on the gold leaf, so I want to do two more and try them in oil, and frame them for our guest room. Anyway, here’s a peek at the postcard versions:

100_2544 100_2542
100_2541 100_2539
100_2543 100_2540

And I still haven’t touched that sunflower painting…… Not listening


  1. beautiful painting! like you, i'm not a fan of winter, but i love the silhouettes of bare trees against the sky.

  2. Very cool! I can never get tired of trees; they have mysterious powers! Both approaches look great.

  3. Wow, the bare trees on goldleaf are fabulous! I love them...wondering how they will look when you redo the way you want...wow!



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