Thursday, December 10, 2009

Apply forehead directly to the brick wall…

Ah, the pain in the ass joys of being a self-taught artist. Everything must be learned the hard way. Because, after all, the easy lessons don’t stick.
Alright. So. I am not an experienced oil painter, as I have told you before. I love the look of oils, I really enjoyed the way they behaved as I applied them to the canvas. BUT……
The damn things won’t dry!!! 16 days later:
still as wet as the day I applied the paint
at least it makes an effective fly catcher for the fungus gnats in my ivy plant
I used a bit of Winsor & Newton Blending and Glazing Medium, but just a touch, since I wanted an opaque layer. So I’m stepping out of the “learn it the hard way” frame of mind and asking for opinions/suggestions: I’m thinking of trying the Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyds – anyone have experience with those particular paints? Can I still use the regular glazing medium with those?


  1. Oh for goodness sake! I think I would be contacting Winsor and Newton to tell them of the problem and get some suggestions. That is just weird! Wonder if there was something gone wrong with the batch of medium you just happened to buy?

  2. Well, Joanne, you got me thinking. These paints were some that my daughter gave me before she moved this fall. I don't know if she bought all of them within the last 3 years or so, or if maybe some were old ones of her dad's from many years ago (not that it should really matter). The medium was purchased within the last couple of months. I used a disposable palette (also hers) and saved the paint so I could try to match the mixes later, and I checked it today. Even the paint straight from the tubes with no medium is still completely wet. I have no explanation for this! I am just completely baffled!



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