Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How about if you just bring me a hot buttered rum instead?

Christmas ornaments Wow, the holidays are just such a thing, aren’t they?  I love them, but every year it seems I start the holiday season just a little further behind than the previous year.  I remember when the kids were little, there seemed to always be time for decorating, baking cookies, sending Christmas cards, getting together with family and friends.  And here we are, only December 1, and I find myself thinking – I can’t even get to the laundry, how am I going to do all that other stuff?  Was I more organized?  More motivated?  Less tired?  All of the above?
I did manage to get a few Christmas decorations up yesterday while cleaning, although I stopped short of dragging the Christmas tree upstairs.  And here I sit, talking to you about how I can’t get my laundry done, instead of hauling myself downstairs and actually doing it.  Pfft. 
I think I have possibly lost all connection with whatever it is in the brain that keeps people moving in a logical direction.  I’ve gotten to the point where things get started and abandoned (at least temporarily) with frightening frequency.  Everything from art projects to laundry, gardening projects to blog posts.  It’s never been an easy thing for me to stay focused, but I’m certainly worse about it lately.  And that’s my excuse for beginning another mosaic instead of working on the Poppies and Willow.       I tried to put in an animated gif here, but it got lost somewhere between my desktop and Blogger, so you’ll just have to picture the dancing banana.  I have no idea how that relates to this post, but I love it.   No, I’m not distracted, I’m just… oh never mind.
I think I let my mind wander because…….(prepare for excuse in 3…2…1..) I’m not normally a sparkly type.  But the sparkle of Christmas lights and shiny ornaments are so enchanting this time of year, that I want to do something sparkly.  And the Poppies and Willow won’t be sparkly.  I know, I know, it’s weak, but it’s all I’ve got.  So if I end up pursuing that I’ll get  some pics up next post, or if I guilt myself out of it, I’ll get back to work on the old saw.  But right now I have to go smack my furnace so it will turn back on. 

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