Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kim Wozniak is my new hero.

My mosaic friends on Facebook had a discussion yesterday about being a full time artist vs. working a day job and fitting it in.  Of course, women never seem to discuss their lives without bringing up the idea of guilt at some point.  Toward the end of the discussion, Kim Wozniak had this to say: 
Work 9 to 5 = guilt for not being there for your kids. Stay home mom = guilt for not contributing financially. Be an artist = guilt for both. Get over it girls! Life is not about guilt and contribution it is about dreams and nuturing and creation. Be a mom, be an artist, be a partner, be happy.100_3218
I can’t even comment on that.  There is absolutely nothing else to add to it.  :)
Kim is the owner of a mosaic supply store called Wit’s End Mosaic – check it out here.
And in other random news – the oil paint is finally dry to the touch!  Only took 25 days.  bleh.  And I’m giving myself a Christmas break – I may not post again until after the first of the year, but definitely not untl after Christmas.  In fact, I’m not likely to even work on anything in the studio.  Not because I have too much to do, but because that’s what I want.  So there.  :) 
Hope you all enjoy the holidays to the fullest, with no stress and no guilt, because after all “life… is about dreams and nuturing and creation.” 


  1. Merry Christmas Lee Ann. Hope your holiday is filled with love, laughter and relaxing times with NOTHING to do but the things you choose!

  2. Lee Ann, you are way to kind!



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