Friday, December 4, 2009

Uncle! Uncle! Uuunclllle!

What an unproductive week! Ugh. I think a lack of focus has been my primary problem this week – trying to settle back in after travelling for Thanksgiving, my husband left on a business trip Wednesday, and I feel as if I’m fighting off a bug of some sort with a modicum of success, but still fighting. I really want to work on Poppies and Willow, but have run into a design problem with the flower petals that I can’t seem to surmount. Since I often come up with solutions when I stop thinking about them, I decided that what I needed was to start on something else. Of course I could have started on the snow scene I drew up a couple of months ago, but that would have been the easy way. So not my style. So I pulled out a large piece of broken mirror and decided to do a piece that would leave small sections of the mirror uncovered, with brightly colored transparent glass and beads on the rest. But I wasn’t happy with that either, because I decided that it was too big to use as a tool for working out a problem on another piece. Oy.
So I didn’t want to give up idea of transparent glass on mirror, so I pulled out an 8” square mirror designed to place a candle on. Because I had a fair bit of transparent smalti left over from the Dream of the Dragonfly, I decided to go with that instead of stained glass. AND………….. then I ran out of green. Can you hear the sound of defeat? Something between a groan and a sigh? I quit. I’m going to go read a book.100_3158
So here’s a blurry photo (including glue smudges on the left). I’d retake the photo, but I had to remove a battery from the camera to put in the wireless mouse to finish this, and it’s just too much to ask to…..oh never mind. Oh, and I broke the “c” key off my keyboard while working on this post. Yeah, Gnarly Head cabernet, here I come!


  1. Hey Lee Ann!
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog... I am glad you did because it lead me HERE! After reading your last two posts it seems we are going through some similar things. Your work is great and your writing keeps me wanting to read more about you! Look forward to following you and your creativity!

    Happy holidays,
    Jennifer Phillilps

  2. Wow! Thanks Jennifer! The positive feedback is just what the doctor ordered! My husband says my frustration is partially because Sagittarius is in one or another of my houses. I personally am not kindly disposed to squatters, so as soon as I find him and kick his sorry ass out, maybe I'll be back on track :)



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