Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And now I’m all out of w(h)ine…..

100_3251 Out of steam, and I don't even have any wine in the house to refresh my spirits. And my back is telling me that it doesn’t really matter if I finish the honeydew iridescent tiles on this today. They aren’t going anywhere. But somehow I hate to miss out on the satisfaction of putting away a color of glass I’m done with. I guess I need something to look forward to tomorrow…

Because tomorrow I have to go retrieve my older son’s laundry. His younger brother came over yesterday to do his laundry, and in the confusion of getting out the door this morning in time for work, he grabbed his own laundry, and one load of his older brother’s. Apparently every pair of socks Will owns was in the dryer. I have no idea what Will wore on his feet when he went to work. I hope it was clean socks from one load of Ben’s laundry that he must have taken out of the dryer and left in the basement. But I can’t be sure. And I have to fix it. Of course.

Anyway, back to mosaics – I was sorely disappointed this afternoon when I went to the mailbox and didn’t find the package I was expecting. I had emailed about some really gorgeous handmade Moroccan ceramic tiles (very small, but with beautiful glazes) and the distributor was going to send me a sample in Saturday’s post. I should have received them by today, but hopefully they will show up tomorrow. If I can get a decent picture that shows the unusual glazes I’ll post them here, but don’t hold your breath. Yeah – that thing with me and photography.

I also prepped two more pieces for mosaic, both on Wedi. And guess what?!? I forgot to put the hangers on one of them before putting a layer of thinset down! GAH!!! That must be at least the third time I’ve done that! I even thought before starting “now don’t forget the hangers” It’s a small piece, so I think I’ll just be sure to leave 1/4” around the edge and put it in a frame. Grrr. I guess I should just be thankful I realized it before starting the design and going right to the edge.

I need a nap.

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