Monday, January 11, 2010


Heavens to Mergatroids…… my back is screaming at me. I was going to write you a nice little post, with pictures of several things, but I can’t even think. So most of it will have to wait.

However, I did get a picture of the Poppies and Willow after today’s work on it. I have one more flower to do, and can’t wait to be done with that part. Next I’ll do the willow leaves, then the background. I had planned to do the background in solid black vitreous (a nice smooth one, no bubbles) and then wondered if I should use black Cinca unglazed porcelain. I thought that might offset the iridescent tile nicely (both the light green that I started with and the dark green I added today are iridescent). But I’m afraid that will “dress it down”. Hm. Jury’s still out…



  1. WOW Lee Ann! This piece is incredible!!!! Absolutely LOVE it. I'll be waiting to see the progress on this one and hoping that screaming back settles down for you!

  2. I think it's looking great too - it's so soft and subtle. Take care of your back - take a break and indulge in plenty of hot baths!

  3. Thanks guys! The back was actually only mad at me for hunching over the mosaic all day. I vacillate between being flighty and taking too many breaks, and being super focused and taking too few. Hard to find a happy medium.



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