Friday, February 5, 2010

Just another day in paradise….

It seems the time has come.  I have been debating a redesigned website (of my site)  for awhile because the current one has become too large and unwieldy for the template.  I have it hosted by Yahoo, and used their SiteBuilder software to design it.  It has worked out really well as a starter site, but there are too many pages now, and it needs attention.  I’ve been putting off dealing with it because, well…..because.  But it seems Windows 7 has forced my hand.
I discovered that when I got the new computer I was able to download the SiteBuilder software to my computer to continue doing my own updates and additions, but I can’t actually use it.  Yeah, thanks for that, Microsoft.  I will have to start over with other web design software and upload it.  Since I was planning a restructure anyway, I guess I shouldn’t complain.  But in the meantime, I can’t update the site I have. 
003And I finished my Talavera Dragon – it needs a frame yet, but everything else is done.  It is 20” X 6.25” made of Talavera tile, 24K gold, metal ball chain and broken china.  I’ll post another pic when I get the frame, as I think that will change the look a lot.


  1. Dragon is beautiful! Too bad about the incompatibility of the new computer and the software... I am not PC, so I can't help you with any ideas...

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